Friday, 20 April 2012


In October 13 Blondy will deliver her baby. The baby will be a girl, she would be named Selia, she will be slim, tall, fair, with blue eyes, blond hair and straight legs like her Mum. She will be very intelligent, being able to comprehend 1 Gig of academic data per second. This unborn baby will prefer red to blue colors and would definitely hate rap music because Blondy wants her to love Rock. Blondy made this clear to the doctor, and it would be so. The doctor is bond by the new government DECREE ON BABY DESIGN, to make the baby ‘at parent’s specifications’. Isn’t this is perfect?
Sounds stupid? Check again in the year 2085, it would definitely sound as normal as ‘I need paracetamol’.  This is the goal of genetic engineering… life made easy! We can’t wait.
Welcome aboard to Human genetic engineering. It is the altering of an individual’s genotype with aim of choosing the phenotype of a newborn or change the existing phenotype of a person. It involves the germline, DNA and pathogenic… Bla…bla… bla… (lets rush to the interesting part. If you want to get trapped in the scientific theoretical traffic jam, try Google!!!). All I know is that Genetic engineering could be used to change appearance, metabolism and improve mental and behavioral qualities. It also aims at altering the psychological makeup of an unborn. Shikina!!!
With that being the case, nature has as such lost its freedom to choose for posterity. The future of the future-generation would then lie on our fragile hands. Parents would freely choose (for their innocent children) who and what they want them to become, these Children wouldn’t therefore develop naturally. Does that not raise an ethical dust? Anyway, thank God I have already been born, who know what they would have chosen for me? Forget it, we will soon be semi-gods choosing for others.
So, back to our unborn Miss. Selia… first of all is this designed Selia still human, or is she a robot? Lets not get yourselves tangled in that age old question. Remember at this point that these ‘child shopping’ parents would certainly chose qualities higher than average for their yet-to-be-born child as such there will be germline changes which will pass on for generations and would result in a permanent change in the human genome. (don’t bother about those terms, I don’t even know what they mean). Although the human basic building block would be forever altered, resulting in something that is not entirely human…hence a new specie would be created! A slap on Ethic huh?.
Since parental specifications would determine the abilities and features of Miss. Selia, her circumstances, environment  and experiences (which where suppose to ‘form’ her) becomes useless, a question arises at this point, ‘why allow insensitive environment or uncontrolled circumstance form our Miss. Selia when we can get her a perfect life?’. She has been programmed to be either good or bad, whatever she does or doesn’t do are not under her control. …can she be blamed for any of her actions? Ethics must be bleeding by now..
Okay, follow me down the future. This is the year 2197, so many babies have been designed and its a trend that have lasted up to their fourth generations. The rich are the only ones who can afford gene enhancement so they have had their generations upgraded. The less wealthy families have been left to procreate naturally with no gene enhancement. The rich are now average of 10 feet tall, while the poor are still naturally 5 feet plus. There is now a new societial division – the natural humans and the Hi tech humans. This has yawning social implications, sociologists can tell more.
If you are still with me in the time travel, hope you know we are now in 2474 AD, the Hi techs are taller, stronger, smarter, more beautiful and powerful too!!!  The Naturals cannot but be slaves, they ain’t equals. The Naturals revolts ‘this very tall, intelligent strong things aint humans! Our fore fathers told us they were constructed, we are the real humans!’ oh, oh wait wait … too late fellas, way too late!!! How on earth would these wretched Naturals challenged the ‘super Hi techs”? Guess what? Just a little ultra nuclear element or movement (who knows) and the poor, weak, wretched, ugly, hungry human race is wiped out! Hurray!!!!  I wonder what is happening to Ethics now…

Evolution has taken place, homo sapiens is gone, Homo Hi-tech is what reigns now.
So how do you feel now? Science is going to improve humans and kill the real human? “Humans would likely guarantee their own extinction by developing the technologies favored by transhumanism (the improvement of human qualities by technology)”
Now you see? Am not hating science. Its just an exposแบป. Ask me ‘what do we do then?’ I’ll say ‘I don’t know’. Meanwhile until something is done, I think you should gather money, so your generations would be part of the Hi Tech specie. I drop my case.

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