Monday, 7 May 2012

NB: Its just straight from my head, no editing. If U see logical or grammatical pothole, just ignore it!

{My Birthday Reflection}

**My Life, My Friends & My Foes**

Totally forgot its my birthday until these '...posted-on-your-timeline' notification started coming. I smiled and wondered 'see how far i have come here'.

With the first toss by Sampson and Felly, then started the game. Little Dimson was placed on the game board. When I started to know Dimson he was a very tiny, i mean thiny tiny short boy, he rarely talks. The Dimson I know now could easily be described as the Tall Talkative. Really? Ok ain't sure of the 'talkative' part. Between the Dimson i met and the Dimson i know there have been builders and makers (who got the new edition of Dimson done).

These builders and makers are friends and foes, snakes and ladders. If you smart enough you would say 'friends are ladders, foes are snakes' if you actually did that you are wrong, because its a dumb conclusion.

This was meant to be a short reflection, but am getting myself in a MAZE. Don't blame me joor! Am talking about LIFE and i cant think of any individual human activity that can last longer than life, even though life is short! So sadly short.

So damn short! Having just a hundred checker board and ramdon lying SNAKES and LADDERS, a dice and a player!

Am barely approaching the middle column of my third row in the ten rows board game! (yea yeah i know, i know, i sensed you want to argue that some people add extra rows, ok! thats rare right? Mhmmm, then lets stick to the usual). Safe to say am no were near the middle yet, not even completed a quarter... I still have time to toss my die this way and that!

I just heard myself say 'time'. Another thing bigger than 'life' is 'time'! Just like many games this Great 'Snake and Ladder' gameboard of life has its time keeper. Every 7th Day of May i am destined to move to a new box on the gameboard. So where does Snake and Ladder come in? This gets difficults. What do we do? Lets cheat, its a game! We will bring in a second board (the snakes and ladders cant fit into the first board because May 7 must come and i must move serially into the next box, no tossing of die required). Now our initial board be name the Age board, and our new board be labelled the Growth board. As it stands the growth board would require certain special qualities (more cheating going on). Growth is continous, as such its 'eternal'. This fact would be ruined by a lame 10X10 rows and columns! Our new table is limitless.

Let me hit the point real fast (in case anybody followed me down to this part of the reflection) so we dont get missing in the maze. In this growth board our success and failure (not dates) move us up or down the board. (this cheat worked ;-)) now our dear SNAKES AND LADDERS.

Since i have known me, i have found me with a lot of people (maybe a few thousands), and they have turned up to be either Snakes or/and ladders. (the 'and' in 'snakes or/and ladders' connotes an unavoidable fact that at certain points snakes acts as ladders and vis versa) certain friends have been more of Ladders. I can't start mention names, but for sure i can't finish this reflection if I dont mention some (i will try not to).

It wouldnt be out of place to say that some ladders are unlucky, because just at their landing awaits a huge snake waiting to take you lower than the ladder found you. Everything can't be bad. As such, certain snakes turns out to be of good (these snakes must be of India origin) just right at there tail you find yourself at the foot of a ladder that takes you higher than the snakes met you. Alot of you have influenced me, and you made me what i am today, i may not have achieved all i aim at, but am not doing badly thanks to Snakes and Ladders. Don't start feeling like some architect who designed the new Dimson.
Remember next to the gameboard there is the player with a die in his hand. In an unconscious collaboration we all contribute to the progression of this game.

Aint sure anybody read to this point. Even if am the only one here, its still proper because in the END am going to be alone during the entrance home, while the snakes and ladders keep glued to the board. Lets enjoy the game till its very end when candles and flowers would be placed around my picture because its game over!